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would be great if it can control the excerpt length

At present, it retrieves almost all of the excerpt of a post which is a bit too long. would be great if it can control the excerpt length

jing , 09.10.2012, 02:40
Response from the site administrator
SteelRat, 29.11.2013
Implemented in version 1.0.1. You can see the usage examples here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/flexible-recent-posts/other_notes/.
Idea status: completed


RogB, 19.11.2012, 12:10
I have added a function that does this but it's a bit rough and ready, one time only quick solution. I would like to see a nice set of admin options that allows for easy control of excepts.
Wish List:
max_chars or max_words.
custom options for 'read more..' [...] link text
custom seperators
SteelRat, 19.11.2012, 12:14
At the moment I am collecting suggestions. They will be implemented in next version.
Sylvain, 23.11.2012, 03:45
You're plug-in is really helpful, thank you very much. I must say that a control over excerpt length would be awesome.

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